From the Desk of Bart Panessa

My name is Bart Panessa and I am the owner and CEO of Nutraloid Labs. Recently I decided to acquire Goliath Labs, a sports supplement/natural male enhancement company that produces such products as Ejaculoid, Stimuloid, Thermoloid, and The Executive Matrix Multivitamin. The reason I decided to purchase Goliath Labs was because it had proven itself to be a very fast growing company over its three years in existence, and this was with very little exposure or marketing. To me, this indicates major potential, and thus it is my intention to take Goliath Labs into the upper echelon of this industry. However, unlike the owner before me, I want to see Goliath Labs as a major force not only in the U.S., but also in the growing overseas marketplace. It seemed logical tome that if our products were so sought after in the States, why not go global? Top of my list was Europe. But I did learn quickly that successfully securing European licensing is a long and daunting task. Because the laws pertaining to some ingredients differ between the U.S. and Europe, each product had to be specially formulated to meet precise specifications…and in addition, each individual compound carries its own licensing fee. Thus, I knew that diving into the European market would require a large initial investment…but you must do what is necessary when it is your desire to make an impact worldwide. At the time of this writing, the following products are EU compliant: Ejaculoid, Stimulod, Groloid, Thermoloid, Tribuloid, and The Executive Matrix.

As I mentioned, I knew Goliath had amazing potential, but as any successful businessman knows, in order to reach the top you need to surround yourself with the right people. To this end I quickly set out to find individuals with the right combination of talent and experience to help set Goliath Labs apart from the pack.

The first new member of Team Goliath, Alex Gonzalez, has worked with many of the top companies in this industry, and is a very gifted graphic artist and photographer. He redesigned and modernized our web site, catalog, and all of our labels (giving them a look that truly jumps off the shelf). He also is assisting us in creating several new sleek and progressive ad concepts, which we plan on putting into all of the major bodybuilding and fitness magazines during 2009 and beyond. Alexʼs vision is limitless, making his attitude a perfect match for my own.

As any good business owner will tell you, one of the most important keys to success lies insurrounding yourself with talented and experienced people. To this end Goliath is proud to have aligned itself with one of the most well respected and trusted members of the bodybuilding/fitness community, Eric Broser (photo). As a professional drug-free bodybuilder, monthly columnist for both Iron Man and Muscular Development, and competition prep coach, Eric is aware of exactly what it takes to reach the highest levels of performance and physical development.

We have been working closely with him in the reformulation of several of our current products, as well as the design of many new dynamic formulations. In addition, Eric has also made himself available to answer questions and give valuable training and nutrition advice via the new Goliath discussion board and “Trainerʼs Corner” section of our newly redesigned web site. Eric will be appearing in most of our ads, and on our web sites and catalog, aswell as representing us in his future competitions and guest appearances, always in top shape!

While we are aware there are many excellent supplement companies out there, Goliath Labs is fully prepared to step to the forefront in 2009 and conquer Europe. Our commitment to the consumer lies in combining the most effective products with competitive pricing, along with the best service and finest customer support available. At Goliath our #1 goal is to see you reach all of yours!


Bart Panessa

President and CEO Nutraloid Labs Inc D/B/A Goliath Labs

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